Monday, December 7, 2009

After 7th semester

Well well so I took my hands and hopefully swept away all the dust and spiderweb decorated this little shared room. Argh... I abandoned you again.

My be-a-study-boy phase has entered the final stage. Wow never thought it could be that close. Counting fingers, 18 years, ya thats is the time I spent from Kindergarten to University. From a innocent boy(bullshit) to a erm... decent young guy? haha. I guess this journey has shaped me pretty much into what I am now.

Preparation to next transition is just too annoying. Countless amendment for my resume and cover letter to cater for different company still can't get myself a job or more accurately a proper interview! Maybe I shouldn't aim too high but isn't it normal for a any normal people haha.

Last semester, my school introduced a new friend to me. We like to call him FYP. So, this adorable FYP likes to keep me away from any fun activities and family reunion but concentrate on some fruitful research and hopefully discover something that no human kind has ever know and 'suen bian' get a Nobel prize. Thats why I didn't blame him, I knew what he did is for my own good. But since I knew you, you keep on changing. I have spent my time on you more than any other yet I don't understand you. Why! Nevertheless, I still care you and love you. Shit... I miss you again... Think I should just end here. byebye T_T

For fat zai chyi : I blogged!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


One month...

Back to here again.

The very first time when I stepped in here, I had a lot of dreams and targets, overflowing ambitious!

My final year...

Some of my aims are still carry on, but most of them is dropped...

But I don't care.

Woke up from deep slumber, I knew and I realized...

I just wanna live without any regret...

It is very clear in my mind about the things I need to and should be done.


One more time, one last chance...

Friday, June 19, 2009


Oh my... I am in my home again. Same questions flood the whole conversation when I get into my car.

Fat mum : Oh son, you look so thin!
Not really so slim Chai : Got mer? A little bit la...
Fm : You got eat in Singapore anot?
NrssC : If I don't eat, how you can see your son ah?
Fm : Eat more lar... If not cannot fat la...
NrssC : Okok... I try ha... (I really did trying)
Fat dad : Mum dun kacau him la... Let him rest a bit ma...
Fm : Wei drive your car. I am talking to my son.
bla bla bla...... Everything... is still the same :)

The moment I reached my home, quickly I unloaded my bag and sneaked onto my younger brother's bed without his notice and SLEPTZzzz...

Till the next day... Even though it is rather rush but I promised yong sui Chyi to bring him to little Cameran. In this very morning, together with Chyi Chyi, Noob Yong, Yuen Yuen, we fleed from this 38.9 degree celcius land and head toward our hill. Just a blink of an eye, I had finished conducting 2 hours mini roller coaster session for them...hehe. Yeah, 20 degree celcius is more like it and they began to felt the excitement and seem wanna cry (We just jump out from giant oven wat). So I brought them to eat wan tan mee to celebrate.
Shit....I look more yung sui than yung sui chyi in this photo tim
chun yuen and mun yung's lansi face

After the meal.....
"OHHHH!!!!" , yung yung shouted. "I want to eat strawberry ice cream!"
"Where wo?", we asked. "Last time when I came every refrigerators or ice cream boxes here in the stall were selling. It was so nice!" To prove his theory, 3 young and healthy fellows follow this puk gai merry-go-round all nearby stalls. After half an hours....
"WTH! Where are those ice cream", mun yung shouted it out before I do. To comfort his disappointment, I brought them to a big strawberry cum cactus farm to try our luck there. Seem like the goddess of luck laid her hand on my friend, as usual, he pushed the ice cream box's cover with utmost anticipation but this time his not so big eyes was shining. Yaya, he found it. When I went ahead and see... It was just a ice tube with strawberry flavour in a transparent plastic =_='''. WHat THe... these sticks don't even can be consider as ice cream and it was so damn sweet. I was like eating sugar. T_T... Errrr... you cheat me again. But since he treated me eat so I forgiven him. haha.

We look around in this farm and found a lot of interesting and cute plant in this place. Since we had time (we don't have money j), we took photos and chatting here.
Actually I wanted to pluck those red small tomatoes more than took photos...
Green, clean and neat
Cute Lotus and me!
Me : I saw a leng lui.
Chun Yuen : Where, where?
Chyi : Now you only see... I pose for long time ady...
Little strawberry
Me and the sky~
Look wat look?

We came back to the digital world and planned to watch some movies in the house. Among the movies we watched, a 1996 movie called "From Dusk till Dawn" was really make up our day.
From Duck till Dawn

Since this is a awarded winnning movie, so I just anyhow suggest to them even though it is an old film. The funny part in this movie is the creative way they used to killed those night zombies. Cross, sharp objects and guns? Nono... instead they used pencil, table legs, condoms filled with holy water and some customized stupid weapons. Another eye catcher in this movie is Quentin Tarantino act as a rapist, murderer and kidnapper (in short super pervert). The way he think, speak and look are so funny and out of the box. Just looking at his yung sui face and guess what will he going to do can make us laugh. These bunch of idiots (we) were so sad when HE WAS KILLED in the film....haha. However I don't really recommended this film to all my friends due to its excessive violent, sexual and horror scenes. But why we found ourselves enjoying this movie? Simply because we got Chan Mun Yung which is another pervert that love zombies and ghosts so much since I knew him and two innocent white lamb (me and chyi chyi) being constantly under his long term (yaya we 2 sat with this puk gai for 2 years) influnce.
So... we enjoy it. *GRIN*

The tea farm is our last station. Sitting there and do nothing is so enjoyable.
Got mountain got sea got leng zai
Fu Gui scone and lemon tea....
Fat lou chyi with his small eyes and smiling face

and then we go back to the oven again...
(Another cameran story covered by AhChyi)

o what next?
Badminton match:
Date : Next Week (subject to changes)
Hin Fei VS King Fei (my lansi elder brother)
He say I can't get 5 points from him. So I bet myself for RM50 if I can get 5 points from him. Support me! I will treat you a drink if I could make it...keke...

Oh ya, Happy father's day!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


于幹掉22个星期难熬的IA了. 在建筑工地生活真的很累 不是因为忙不过来, 而是每天每天都要面对一些所谓的大人不分青红皂白的在推賒责任给别人, 保住自己的饭碗, 你死你的事, 不管我事 沉溺在这儿, 让我有一种说不出不能透气的感觉

就是大人们的生活; 这是我的一个老友跟我说的 丗事难了, 也许未来的某一天某一日, 天真的我不再单纯, 变得跟他们一样, 为势为利为自己 改变...是迟早的事, 未来的我是怎么样, 心里已有数了

个学期过得还满特别, 可以完成出国的愿望, 享受不一样的生活, 另一方面也可以在意想不到的地方工作, 尝试自己的能耐 撞撞墙, 跌跌倒, 这学期还真的特别多... 还要中招 算是喜忧参半吧 人不撞墙不懂转弯, 不跌倒不会自己爬起来, 这是我爸爸的名言, 也是他近常要我做的事 一个喜欢叫儿子撞墙和仆街的老豆, 真的苦笑不得...哈哈。 这个学期...感觉特别深刻 自己的不成熟, 冲动, 沉不住气, 让我做了很多傻事...不知所措... 也让我不曾如此的看见自己的弱点, 重新认识自己了... 哈哈. 该不该高兴呢?

破我宁静天空的那天起... 集中力, 耐心, 包容, 冷静都离我而去... 感觉现在的我太孩子气了 不行不行, 我还是喜欢原来的我 待我回家后找回吧 好期待回家喔, 爸妈, 你的叉烧仔要回来了

得佷痛, 放的很辛苦... 用华语写Blog花很多时间啦. Aih, 下次得多用一点华语写我的不落格了...哈哈 ^^

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st Time

For the first of my life... I make a try...
It doesn't turn out to be what I wish...
A little bit bitter...
But I am glad I did it...
I have no regret...

Thank you

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



What's wrong!?
What is that?

Why simple things can be so difficult....
I don't understand...

Don't care...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Opps... I don't even know how long I didn't pay a visit to my own poor blog.

My IA life here still...erm...bored HAHA but the life of this semester is really really cheer up. I can again pick up my long abandon favourite badminton sport every week. I can cook mee+sausages+HAMs and crap in the midnight of the day. I can get a message from them everyday to ask me for a dinner at the same time in the same place. I can see them jumping around my room, sleep anywhere like their home and abuse any little things in my room. I can laugh whispery to see others being scared by ghost movie and the person watching the movie. I can watch them tapping my keyboard so hard and still want to blame my keyboard imperfection for a music game.

Thanks, you had lighten my everyday life. It may not last, but it will always be part of my memories...

Yesterday I had heard a news from one of my best friend. There are something happened in his family. I wish he and his family could stay strong and pass through all difficulties. Everytime when i hear this kind of stuff, it makes me uneasy and....panic. It makes me weak. I can't help anyone.

Not long ago, I just came back from my dear home and see my happy fat round dad and cute nagging mom. Nothing has change, they are still vibrant and still like to talk non-stop haha. I am so so glad and hope that it will always stay the same... don't change.

still remember, when I was small, I was always thinking to go far from my place, my home to find my own paradise. I believed there are definately some place in this world that is better, that is a place that have what I want, that is a place that can carry my dreams, my very own paradise. But after going so many places, so far from my place and when I look back... then I realise I am always staying in paradise. My home, my house, my furnitures, my bed, my toys, everything is so precious to me. I love my home.

"Nothing lasts forever..." it was once mentioned by Brat Pitt in his film called 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. But I don't believe it. Certain things does last forever. I does see and I believe.

Sorry my friend, now I only update my blog...haha...

P.S. to my friend : All da best in the exam!!!