Monday, December 7, 2009

After 7th semester

Well well so I took my hands and hopefully swept away all the dust and spiderweb decorated this little shared room. Argh... I abandoned you again.

My be-a-study-boy phase has entered the final stage. Wow never thought it could be that close. Counting fingers, 18 years, ya thats is the time I spent from Kindergarten to University. From a innocent boy(bullshit) to a erm... decent young guy? haha. I guess this journey has shaped me pretty much into what I am now.

Preparation to next transition is just too annoying. Countless amendment for my resume and cover letter to cater for different company still can't get myself a job or more accurately a proper interview! Maybe I shouldn't aim too high but isn't it normal for a any normal people haha.

Last semester, my school introduced a new friend to me. We like to call him FYP. So, this adorable FYP likes to keep me away from any fun activities and family reunion but concentrate on some fruitful research and hopefully discover something that no human kind has ever know and 'suen bian' get a Nobel prize. Thats why I didn't blame him, I knew what he did is for my own good. But since I knew you, you keep on changing. I have spent my time on you more than any other yet I don't understand you. Why! Nevertheless, I still care you and love you. Shit... I miss you again... Think I should just end here. byebye T_T

For fat zai chyi : I blogged!


Chyi said...

yo .... mai geh hou ... keep write~

Pharm said...

Haha I have to tell u the fact, a degree's FYP wun make u a noble prize winner =P

ielias said...

u seriously think that our fyp can earn us Nobel Prize? did your prof tell you that? so misleading haha.

HinFei said...

AHAHAHAHA... I blow water only...just wish to end my FYP in a nice and clean manner. =P

小不点的小天下 said...

jiayou la~~~ :)

Chyi said...

Fatttt mou blog